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Dersertification Forest
[2009-2010] Socio-economic Impact of Deforestation on Loca...

Focus Group Discussion

12 Focus group discussions were conducted in each village where survey was carried out.

Children walk

Children walk was demonstrated in Hala Old, on 30th August, 2010.. After session children walk started children were chanting slogans of Wan Lagayo Mahole Bachayo.
Socio-economic impact of deforestation on local people- Assessment

By Javed Hussain
Programs Manager
Sindh Community Foundation
Sindh, Pakistan

[2009-2010] Promoting Good Governance in Community Forest ...

Interview with households (15% sampling intensity) using semi-structured questionnaires

Coaching workshop

Promoting Good Governance in Community Forest User Groups in Nepal

By Dhananjaya Lamichhane
Ministry of Forest and...
[2008-2009] Environmental Education and Sustainable Agricu...

Laban Gangmei
Rongmei Naga
Supervised by Dr. Kwang Bae Yoon
Konkuk University

The Nagas are closely associated with the forest due to their culture and traditional practices from time immemorial. From the construction of houses to the healing of slight cut or bruise the...
[2008-2009] Technical measures for the rehabilitation of d...

•How can be dealt with such little dunes? How to stop the process of sinking of trees and how to roll it back? (Picture 1)

Picture 1: Such kind of dunes appeared in 10-15 years. Its height approximately is grows to 2-3m

Bunafsha Mislimshoeva
Project Sustainable
Management of
Natural Resources in
Gorno Badakhshan
Supervised by Dr. Su Young Woo
Univirsity of Seoul
After the independency of Tajikistan a severe energy crisis emerged – the supply of affordable coal, fuel and electricity from outside was abruptly stopped. This in combina-tion with the weaknes...
[2008-2009] A Feasibility Study of Key Non Timber Forest P...

Picture1: local people collected rattan
from Bokor NP. Photo by: Phan Channa

Picture2: the banana in the home garden
of O-Toch Villager. Photo by: Phan Channa

Phan Channa
Greater Mekong
Cambodia Country
Supervised by Dr. Choong-Hyeon Oh
Dongguk University
The research will be conducted at the O Toch Community Protected Area (CPA), where is located inside the Bokor National Park (BNP) in Kompot province, southern of Cambodia. It covers an area of about ...
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