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Urban Ecology Environment
[2008-2009] Strategy of Protecting Urban Environment and E...

Tuyen Tran Thi Diem
Department of
Natural Resources &
Environment of
Hochimin City
Supervised by Dr. ji-Hong Park
Kangwon National Univirsity

Hochiminh is a major economic city in Vietnam which is 2.093,7 square kms and over 6.3 million people (the figure in 2005). The rapid increased population will soon make Hochiminh city becom...
[2008-2009] Electronic Waste: Generation, Disposal and Rec...

Upasana Choudhry
Amoda Environmental
Supervised by Dr. ji-Hong Park
Kangwon National Univirsity

Traditionally, like many people in mountain region of the Himalaya, the Lwang communities depend on mix of subsistence agriculture, animal husbandry, and seasonal migrant labor for their livel...
[2008-2009] Teanhing Ecological Consciousness through Comm...

Sarah Queblatin
Imagine Eco Project
Supervised by Dr. Ji-Hong Kim
Kangwon National Univirsity

Introducing environmental advocacy to local communities require more than campaigns and capacity development through knowledge, trainings, and livelihood. This study aims to show that teaching...
[2007-2008] Siltation and Environmental Changes of Wetlands

"Mr. Chiranjibi Prasad Pokheral
Conservation Officer
National Trust for Nature Conservation, Nepal

"Mr. Sang Ho Jun
Department of Environmental Science
Kangwon National University, Korea
"A siltation and environment change of two wetlands(Rani Tal & Solgaudi Tal in the Suklaphanta Wildlife Reserve, western lowland Terai, Nepal are studied. It is anticipated to manuscript informati...
[2007-2008] Impact assessment of urban forestry on the fam...

" Mr. Xingqi Yao
Master Student
School of Economics and management
Beijing Forestry University, China

"Mr. JungKee Choi
Associate Professor
Department of Forest Management
Kangwon National University, Korea
"Urban forestry is a special forest ecosystem locates in city; it acts effectively in improving citizen’s health, welfare and economy by providing them with a good ecological environment. In China, v...
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