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Peace & Cooperation
[2012-2013] The Role of Women in Riverbank Erosion Disaste...

Afroza Taznin (Bangladesh, Centre for Natural Resource Studies)

The main objective of this work is to see the risk and vulnerabilities of women by riverbank erosion and their surviveal ...
[2011-2012] Young Enterpreneur-Famers

Boedi Kirsnawan (Indonesia, Villa Hutan Jati (P.T.Citra Graha Reksa Abadi))

This project aims at attracting young people to become entrepreneur-famers, i.e., farmers who understand not ...
[2011-2012] Promoting eco-sanitation practices in 5 model ...

Gary Mark G Nengnong (India, Bethany Society, Meghalaya)

The main objectives of ecological sanitation are to reduce the health risks related to sanitation contaminated water and waste a...
[2011-2012] Organize Community Consultation Wokshop on Res...

Tek Vannara (Cambodia, Culture and Environment Preservation Accosiation)

This project is To share and discuss the issues on “Resettlement Survey” related to Lower Se San 2
[2010-2011] Upholding the Role of Watersheds to Communities:

Upholding the Role of Watersheds to Communities:
A Community Education to Watershed Management

By Atty. Raymond Quiocho Salas, J.D.
Staff Lawyer, Sentro ng Altern...
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