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UNEP Eco-Peace Leadership Center
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Water & Dam
[2012-2013] Bishazari and Associate Lakes (internationally...

Ram Hari Pantha (Nepal, Center for Rural Infrastructure& environment Development)

Bishazari and Associated lakes are the internationally important Ramsar sites. Those lakes have been de...
[2012-2013] Weaving Interaction between Upstream and Downs...

Zuhaida Khoirun Niswah (Indonesia, DeTara Foundation)

The goal of this program is to raise and enhance the knowledge, skill and awareness of young people at upstream and downstream on e...
[2012-2013] Eco System Conservation of Inland Water tanks

Sagini Madhavi Pathiraja (sri lanka, SASETHMA Gte Ltd)

Due to the reason of higher usage of chemical fertilizer eutrophication has become the sever issue in the inland water tanks creat...
[2010-2011] Water and River Conservation through Environme...

Water and River Conservation through Environmental Education

By Ong Ke Shin
Water Watch Penang

Penang has the lowest water tariff and the...
[2010-2011] Local Community Revival

Local Community Revival

By Farzana Yasmin
Project Associate
Sustainable Development Policy Inst...
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