UNEP Eco-Peace Leadership Center
UNEP Eco-Peace Leadership Center
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Message from The President
Welcome to UNEP Eco-Peace Leadership Center(EPLC)!

UNEP-EPLC was established to promote the capacity building efforts of
developing countries as well as countries with economics in transition and
especially to focus on strengthening the capacity building of GOs/NGOs in Asia and the Pacific through research and training studies on various
implementation instruments.

For the purposes the Center is making an effort to realize a life and peace
community, provide sustainable development plan through construction of
environmental resource network and support the education of GO/NGO
leaders who are engaged in the preservation and restoration of environment and ecology.


The Center will go ahead environmental friendly and sustainable economic
development and work out how to settle environmental problems in Asia and the Pacific through the
experience of economic development and green movement which Korea has done.
As the first collaborator in Asia and the pacific with UNEP in terms of education and training the Center will try to be solid and substantial organization worthy of the name in the region.
I wish you keep concerning about and joining in our program.

Thank you.


UNEP Eco-peace Ledership Center president KIM, HeonYoung
Coll. Forest Sciences 1st Bldg #109 Kangwon National Univ. Chuncheon Gangwondo Korea
Phone: 82-33-257-7129, 82-33-250-7368 / Fax: 82-33-257-7130 / E-mail: eplc2006@hanmail.net
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