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UNEP Eco-Peace Leadership Center
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Ideal of Foundation

Recalling the important mandate of UNEP in catalyzing, coordinating and stimulating action on the
environment within UN system and the world at large. Furthermore, noting that the Bali Strategic Plan
for Technology Support and Capacity-Building of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)
concerning the strengthening of international environmental governance calls for developing a strategic plan for the provision of technology support and capacity-building to developing
countries as well as to countries with economies in transition at the national, sub-regional and regional
levels, the Foundation of Eco-Peace Leadership Center, Korea (hereinafter referred to as Foundation)
was established to accelerate the realization of a community of life and peace in the Asian Pacific region by setting up a human resources network in the field of the environment and by supporting educational
activities for leadership training with field activities such as conservation and restoration of
natural environment.

Recognizing the Foundation established under the common interest of various participants including
universities, CSOs, GOs, and enterprises, making it strengthen the partnership of all stakeholders in
society and possess high expertises in the education of environment conservation.

Recognizing the Foundation's deep interest on capacity building and technology transfer of GOs and CSOs in Asian Pacific countries and the intention to enhance international cooperation in the field of the
environment, according to affirming the strong intention in working together to fulfill the objectives of
the Bali Strategic Plan for Technology Support and Capacity-Building.

The UNEP Eco-Peace Leadership Center will be designed as a collaborative effort of the UNEP and EPLC with the support from Kangwon National University as a means to provide training for GO and CSO
leaders from various backgrounds in the Asia-Pacific region. One of the main ideas of the
UNEP-EPLC is to develop and provide the environmental educational programmes to build in developing countries in Asia Pacific regions.

The Foundation shall provide the UNEP-EPLC with 1) policy and administrative support, 2) provide
necessary human resource, infrastructure and office facilities, and the other supports for the
UNEP-EPLC to conduct internationalized degree education, and 3) provide financial support for the
operation of the UNEP-EPLC.

January 18, 2006 A foundational juridical person UNEP Eco-Peace Leders Centerfounding
preparation committee member

Coll. Forest Sciences 1st Bldg #109 Kangwon National Univ. Chuncheon Gangwondo Korea
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