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  Title : (10th) Republic of Korea_Lee Yong Jin
User : 관리자  Date : 2017-03-17 16:56:46 
Fellow Name: Lee Yong Jin

Organization: Clean Environment Research Center, Republic of Korea

Project Title: Students' Experiential Actvities and Policy Proposal for Increasing Awareness of Value and Importance of Water Quality of Gonjicheon in Chuncheon-si

Objective: By closely checing the degree of pollution of the local students\\\' hometown river Gongjicheon and by investigationg the major cause of its pollution - thanks to their voluntary participation - thisi project aims to increase the public interest and awareness of its water quality pollution, based on which education can be provided so the public can be aware of the importance of environmental conservation and water quality pollution prevention can be a part of their life. And the project intends to propose a policy a secifically, the drawn result is to be presented so it can be reflected in Chuncheon-si\\\'s river environment conservation plan.

Duration: 2016/11/01 – 2017/06/30

Location / Area: Chuncheon Gongjicheon and its tributaries

Target Group, Beneficiareis: Local adlescents

Expected Results: · After the students participae in the environmental conservation activities, they can become interested in the degree of pollution of their hometown river, and come to take environment friendly actions for pollution reduction.
· It is possible to find out the water quality pollution source.
· It is possible to induce the citizens participate in policy-making.
· It is possible to induce th authority concerned to make practicla policy on water quality.


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