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  Title : (10th) Indonesia_Achmad Solikhin
User : 관리자  Date : 2017-07-04 17:56:48 

Fellow Name: Achmad Solikhim

Organization: IGAF(Indonesian Green Action Forum)

Project Title: Carbon Farming Schools

Location / Area:
1) Bogor Regency, Dramaga and Bojong Gede Village: SD N Cihideung Ilir, SD N 1 Bojong, and Bogor Agricultural Unversity
2) Jepara Regency, Jambu Barat Village and Pakis Aji Village: SD N 2 Jambu Barat and SMK N 1 Pakis Aji

Beneficiareis: 1300 participants from the above regency, uncluding children, youth, and local communities.

1) to educate children, young professionals, and local communities about sustainable agroforest management for carbon sequestration.
2) to raise awareness of children, youths and local communities about the importance of climate change adaptation and mitigation.
3) to actualize eco-friendly agroforest activities into sustainable actions for altruism.

Duration: 2016/11/01 – 2017/06/30


Carbon Farming Literature Studies, Carbon Pools Accounting Methods, Carbon Farming School Social Media Preparation, Carbon Farming Networking Cooperation, Carbon Farming Open Recruitment for Volunteers, Carbon Farming Volunteers’ Gathering, Carbon Farming Socialization, and Carbon Farming at COP22, Marakech, Morocco, Scientists discussion, Eco-creativities, and Social media benefiting. Virtual Conference on Climate Change with FTA (Forests, Trees, and Agroforestry) CIFOR and ICRAF, Field Visiting, and Online Publication and Monitoring.

Environment, Climate change, Carbon stock and trade, Biocomposite technology, and Agroforest system, Carbon Farming Local Tree Species and Seedlings Distribution, Collaborative Carbon Forest Action with Department of Plantation and Forest Trees Nursery, Offline Campaigning with Foreigners about Carbon Farming School Project, and Publication to the United Nations agencies website or IGAF partners. Biopori making, Tree distribution for children, Trees planting. Shading, Rehabilitation, Carbon preservation, Wood and construction, and Agroforestry system.


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