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  Title : (10th) Cambodia_Naven Hon
User : 관리자  Date : 2017-07-06 15:29:58 

Fellow Name: Naven Hon

Organization: Forest Administration, Cambodia

Project Title: Effective model of sustainable malva fruits collection and malva trees protection by Kok Lak community, Ratanakiri province, Cambodia

Duration: 2016/11/01 – 2017/06/01

Location / Area: Kok Lak commune, Vein Sai district, Ratanakiri province, Cambodia

Beneficiareis: 120 villagers, 30 students, 4teachers, and three community members


1. The effective model of malva fruit collection by Otung community or CPA
2. Investigated the use of None-Timber Forest Products (NTFPs) by local community
3. Perception of local community how sustain malva fruit collection
4. Explored the value chain of malva nuts
5. Planted 100 malva seedlings


1. The role and responsibility of the community protected area (CPA)

- A whole community (four villages) decided to form or elect the committees to manage the community.
- Creating an agreement and legal procedure within the community with the support from the government agencies (Department of Environment) and NGOs.
- Meeting and extension about the agreement and legal procedure to both inside and outside communities.
- Conducting regular patrol around the community area in particularly during the fruiting season.
- Selecting key person in each village to have a well communication with each village.
- Collecting malva fruit by climbing or waiting its drop to the ground.

2. NTFPs

- Malva fruit (32.4%) was reported as the most important resource for local communities at the four villages at the study site.
- Malva fruit collection and the effectives guideline from community.
- All interviewees (100%) reported that they went to collect malva fruit at Community Protected Area (CPA), Virachey National Park.
- All of them (100%) willing to protect the malva trees as well as their forest community, sometimes they volunteer to join patrol with rangers.
- 48 malva seedlings were taken from the malva forested areas by selecting only the seedlings grow under their mother trees.
- The 48 malva seedlings were transported from the nursery to the planting area a day before the event, and looked after by a representative of the project.

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