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  Title : [Application form]11th Leadership Program(by 7.19)
User : 관리자  Date : 2017-06-01 16:16:33 
- Deadline for application submission : by July 19th, 2017(*Korean local time)

We are pleased to announce we are recruiting our 11th EPLC Fellows.
This program is to find solutions to pending environmental problems in local regions through hands-on activities and research done mostly on-line.
We are deeply committed to building our technology capacity andtransferring information so that international cooperation in the field of the environment can improve.
We support CSOs research institution across the Asia-Pacific region in their quest to find solutions to local environmental problems through our collaborative program with Yuhan-Kimberly, Ltd. This year, we will recruit 10 representatives from Asia-Pacific region for our 11th program. We will support the project from November, 2017 to June, 2018. We support fund required in the project $2,000 (USD).

↓ Application form : Please kindly see the attached below
File : 2017_11th Fellow Application_Eng.docx

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